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Thank A Scouter

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Thank A Scouter

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"There are a number of Help Centre tickets requesting changes to the Recognition aspects of myscouts and in particular the ‘Thank a Scouter’ function that would significantly reduce the level of effort needed to administer this program and benefit all Scouters. A review and requirement analysis of these suggestions with input from diverse stakeholders will be necessary. Here are some examples of the suggested changes:

Approval of Commendations:
1. Change the workflow so that when a pending commendation is approved/denied the user is returned to the list of pending commendations. Currently the user is returned to the organization profile which is not optimal as the user is most likely to want to return to the pending list.
2. Improve the individual search to have “active” individuals all be listed at the top of the list instead of interspersed and to reduce the number of unknown scouters.
3. When doing a “Thanks” by using “Add Commendation” the submitter’s name does not show when being reviewed for approval even though there is a field that is completed
4. Automatically add a recognition date 90 days after approve date. While 3 councils would appreciate having this function, there are also 3 councils that are very much opposed to this proposal.
5. Remove the extra period at the end of the commendation.
6. Add function in Pending Commendations to sort by date, name, and/or org unit.
7. Add the name of the person thanking a Scouter. The reasoning is to ensure all the commendations are not coming from a single member.
8. Add a sort function in the “Pending Commendations” and “My Recognition” windows.
9. Filter list to display only Certificate of Commendations.

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