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June/July 2016 Updates

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June/July 2016 Updates

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11.1 295051 LDS Registrations
This enhancement will enable LDS Church members to self-register their children on-line at no charge to them. Registration fees will be billed to the local LDS Stake.
1 - An Administration module is created in to define and administer LDS Stakes as Organizations and to create LDS coupon codes that will be distributed to LDS sponsored Groups.
2 - Codes will allow users to use online registration - and use Coupon Code in place of credit card payment
3 - Each code will be linked to a specific LDS Stake
4 - LDS Registration invoices will belong to LDS batches to enable monthly billing to a specific Stake

11.2 296203 Spring registration
Removal of 2015-2016 option for self-registrations. During the spring registration period there are three registration option. 1. register for 15/16, 2. Register for 16/17, and 3. (the Default) is register for both years.
The register for 15/16 option is redundant as returning members by definition will be registering for 16/17 and new members will be register for both years or 16/17. "

11.3 294806 30/60/90
This bug fix will correct the compliance process where youths who turn 18 area immediately made inactive if they don't have a passed PRC. The correction will give youth until the remainder of the scouting year to acquire a PRC.

11.4 293980 Find a Group Messaging
Current Messaging does not properly advise users in cases where Current Year and Next Year both have Vacancies, but ONLINE REG is only available for one of the years
Messaging will now correctly advise user whether to Register with Button or Contact Group
Messaging is also informing user about wait list

11.5 205223 Miscellaneous bug fix
Occasionally the breadcrumbs displaying wrong section name fixed.

11.6 189870 Miscellaneous bug fix
Occasionally a wrong Group name was displayed in the Member Profile page has been fixed.

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