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December 21, 2016 Updates

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December 21, 2016 Updates

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Ticket # 344798 Inactive Roles
Inactive roles with an end date after today are not visible in iweb. These roles are filtered out of the list of active roles and filtered out of the list of inactive roles.
This fix will display inactive roles with an end date after the current date to be displayed in the list of inactive roles.

Ticket # 343958 LDS Registrations
At the end of the LDS registration process there is a bug that causes a blank page to be displayed instead of a receipt.
This fix will also ensure that this blank page is not displayed and will ensure that LDS registrations will send email notifications to the group and parent.

Ticket # 343655 Stored Procedure update
Small update to a stored procedure to fix a an error when an iweb user selects Geo long/lat data-type as XML

Ticket # 326201 Removal of not renewed roles
Currently it is not possible to link to the profile of a not renewed member. This update will enable users to navigate to the NR member profile and consequently will have the ability to remove Not Renewed roles. This will enable users to ‘clean up’ the active members list at the beginning of the Scouting year.

Ticket # 327238 Reports - Membership Summary
This fix will increase the accuracy of the membership summary report on myscouts and will add summary information for the next Scouting Year.

Ticket # 232596 Commendations
Under certain circumstances a user is able to EDIT a commendation that they should not have access. This change prevents users from being able to EDIT those records.

Add Training Course
This change will add a training course called 'Driver Safety – Collision Avoidance’ to myscouts.

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