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December 16th, 2015 myscouts update

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December 16th, 2015 myscouts update

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  • The status of all 2014-2015 ‘Not Renewed’ roles will be changed to ‘Inactive’. The effect of this will be that these roles will no longer appear in the Participant and Volunteer tabs in but will appear in the Past Registrations tab. Also, it will not be possible to register these members from the Renew Transfer tab, however, it will still be possible to transfer active participants within the same Group in this tab.

  • The ‘Forgot Password’ function will be streamlined so that the user will no longer be asked to validate their name, birthdate and postal code. The user will be asked to simply enter their email address (i.e. username), and to protect against automated hacking attacks, the user will be asked if they are a human.

  • It will now be possible for all Parents to print membership cards for all family members. Previously only parents with an active Scouting role were able to print membership cards for family members.

  • A logic bug will be fixed so that all registrations for NOLB recipients will trigger the standard email notification to groups that a member has been registered in their Group.

  • The Membership Listing Report found on the main myscouts reports page will be enhanced to include the fields of Scouting Year, Organization Type (Section, Group, Area, and Council) and Sub Type (Beaver Colony, Cub Pack, Venturer Company, Rover Crew, Committee, and Service Team). In addition the report is now returning roles based on the role member type and not the individual member type.

  • The Volunteer Readiness Report found on the main myscouts reports page has had a bug fix so that Participant and Parent roles will now be returned in the report results when all member types were selected from the report setup page. Also, the fields of Primary Organization, Scouting Year, Years of Service, and an indication if a member is over 18 years of age have been added.

  • The Batch Details Report found on the main myscouts reports page has had a bug fix so that the ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’ in the reports setup page will now work so that records can now to filtered based on the date the batch was created.

  • The Group Capacity Report found on the main myscouts reports page has been enhanced to include information to determine if the Group is setup for self-registrations.

  • Other minor fixes and enhancements include adding additional reference titles, adding missing roles to the role list in the reports setup page, improving back office accounting efficiencies, repairing broken links, minor text modification and sorting of lists.

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