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August 29, 2016 Updates

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August 29, 2016 Updates

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12.1 292162 Login page login page was simplified to ensure parents and members can find or create their own accounts.

12.2 313290 Alternate payment methods
Addition of a debit option for registration payment.

12.3 307587 Wait list
Bug fox so that the 'Next' button works correctly in the wait list.

12.4 306278 Wait list
Add a "are you sure" prompt when user selects delete button in the wait list.

12.5 308660 Refund policy
Refund policy added to terms and condition section of the registration process.

12.6 308412 Add parent
This change will create Myscouts functionality so that:
1) Myscouts administrators (Commissioners and Registrars) can modify parent information and modify child-parent relationships during registration or at anytime from the members profile page.
2) A parent can add a 2nd parent at the time of registration or at anytime from their ""My Profile"" page.
3) The Add parent section of the registration process was moved to step 2 (after youth information) to be consistent with paper forms and to be in a more logical place.
4) The search function for registrars modified so that records returned in the search will only be parents of children in their group.

12.7 308411 Age validation
Prominent warning messages added when a parent or registrar is registering a member that is out of the age range for the section.

12.8 287975 Tax receipts
New functionality created so that a parent can print a tax receipt for any of their children who registered online.

12.9 310290 Find a Group
Find a Group Message added to notify user that they will need to log into to register their child.

12.10 Roll over
Small changes made to prepare for the September 1st roll over to the new Scouting year.

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